Thursday, 1 December 2011

Yes, i'm still alive and kicking!

Hi everyone, I can only apologize for my tardiness... life here has become pretty hectic over the last few months, and something had to give - I guess that was my blog! Enough though, time to get back on track.
I want to share my inspiration pieces for the Crafty Individuals monthly challenge. First up, this beautiful little thing, which I've used stamp plate CI-335 for:
It's a jar of handmade mocha body-scrub! My daughter is holding a stall at our school bazaar tonight, to raise money for a World Challenge trip, so we've been busy busy creating bits for her to sell, of which this little concoction is one. See the little antique ad on top of the flower? that's from the afore mentioned stamp set.
Next, a bunch of Christmas tags:
Same stamp set used, two little adorable perfume bottles. Thought these were a little different, being in a dress form shape - hoping some one will like them!
Right then, better get on with the production line... five hours to go! Hope you like. xxx