Wednesday, 10 August 2011

They Wash Up So Well!!

Connie's birthday gift this year was a make over and photo shoot with a friend.. (she chose her step sister Beth - phew!). So off we went this morning, armed with 5 changes of outfits for both, and more props than I could carry. Whilst they had the most amazing time, I spent most of the 4 hours in a cold sweat, waiting for the hard sell to begin... at £55 for 1 photo, I knew it was going to be hard! Here's one I took of them whilst we were waiting for the photo shoot pictures to be ready to view:
Aren't they both beautiful?! So in we went to the viewing room - nice music, pleasant staff... and the option to own all 160 photos for... wait for it... are you sitting down?? £800!!!! Well. Really. I mean. Come on. As if!!! We knew that Connie and Beth were allowed to choose 1 photo each as part of the package, no extra cost, so I blushed, pleaded poverty and said that I'd like 2 further photos, and that was it. She took it quite well!!! Watch this space for a particularly stunning layout when they arrive in 5 weeks time!!

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Julie said...

Your photo of your daughters is just lovely. I think Photographers must receive a licence to print money when they hang up their shingle. It is exactly the same in Australia. Friends here are also having all sorts of copyright issues too, particularly with overpriced wedding photographers.

Anyway I have popped over to your blog to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at your artwork on the Crafty Individuals Blog - it is lush!
I guess I will have to own the ladies stamp, says she sneaking into the shop to take one out of stock!

Your lovely work has been a jolt of colour on a very gloomy day here.
I found your comment about Bath interesting too as I visited there when I was in England and it did not charm me as every other place did.
I am going to have a little cruise later around your blog as a visual treat in between some tedious stuff, today.