Sunday, 15 January 2012

How Flattered am I??!!

So, I had a surprise email last week, from Sarah's Cards, asking me if I'd like to be their guest designer for February's kit. Well... obviously... I had to think about it for like... 2 nano seconds!!!

Other news? I'm thoroughly enjoying creating beautiful things for both Scrap365 (if you haven't purchased it yet you really should!) and Craft Stamper. Ok, so the deadlines leave me feeling a LITTLE under pressure at times - but that is entirely my own fault as I seem to be such a last minute gal!

So perhaps my New Years Resolution should have been to get more organised, and to work ahead of time... yeah... right... like THAT'S ever gonna happen!

I don't feel I can leave you without something nice to look at, so here is a piccie of one of my cats - Cedric (I know I know - we let the kids choose the names!). Hope you like! xxx

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beksynormz said...

Oooh congrats!! Can't wait to see what you do! Lush pic of Ceddie! xxx