Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Yet Another Challenge!

Good morning all! The challenge I was keen to take part in this time is being hosted by Vicki, AKA melovebono on You Tube. Her stipulations are:
1. To use at least 3 photos
2. To journal about your layout
3. To incorporate stamping within your page
Vickie is fab to watch on You Tube - she often gives me a real belly laugh with the things she says! If you'd like to take part in her challenge, you only have a few days - so get on over and take a look at the vid! without further ado, here's my offering:
I really enjoyed creating this one. I'll quickly go over where I've incorporated her 3 rules.
1.I love the look of Instax photos, but NOT the quality of the pics sometimes lol! I purchased an Instax camera, and have had nothing but trouble with it, sooooooo.... I created an Instax frame on my Silhouette and saved it. Now, I can make any photo an Instax lookalike - so much better! 3 photos, as requested.
2. This page is about the garden, and enjoying it for the few days we can here in the UK whilst the sun is shining! The journalling is bottom right.
3. STAMPING! I love it! First, I cut a hexagon background with my silhouette. I stamped all the hexagons before using the negative cut to place them on my page as a base. The second bit of stamping is the cute little pegs holding the photos - sweet! Lastly, I've stamped 'Live in the Moment' around 3 sides of the photos.
The prize??? A fab $30 gift card to an online craft store of your choice! Obviously it has to be one the Vicki can purchase from whilst in the UK - but with t'internet these days that shouldn't post a problem. Hope you like! xxx

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MeLoveBono - Ms. V to you ;) said...

kim this is a great layout! And so glad you joined - not just because the layout is gorg...but because I was thinking of buying an Instax!! No kidding! the past few weeks I have been doing research and putting it in my cart and taking it out again! LOL I think I will wait now and how bright of you to make your own frame! Maybe, I should be considering the Silhoutte! LOL Good luck for the challenge