Monday, 20 August 2012

PAPER-CUTS August 2012

Hello all! First layout share this month:
I thought we'd try something new; there are always new trends creeping into our paper crafting world, so each month, we're going to focus on one - starting with sunbursts!
This layout uses a very obvious sunburst design. I've used a square photo, on a rectangular matt - you may want to do the same.
Over the next couple of days, I'll be creating a few other things with our kit, (all with instructions for you), so keep checking in, but this is our main project this month. As always, everything you need for the layout is in the kit, or for use in our (NEW!) craft room, but if you have any small letter stickers, do bring them along.
Hope you like! xxx
P.S. I have 2 Ikea bags full of goodies that need a new home for a few pennies - and I MEAN a few pennies! So you may want to bring along a little spending money :-)

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Fluffy said...

Fab I love it! See you Friday pretty lady XXX Tx