Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Little Home Decor for the Holidays...

Whilst trawling Youtube the other day, I came across a video teaching how to make antique book paper wreaths. Well, I didn't have any antique books to hand, but I DID have a really old, tatty Joanna Trollope book which I was more than happy to take off my book shelf! Here's what I made:
I'm soooooo pleased with how it turned out! The instructional video said to make 120 cones from the book pages, which I laboriously did; only to find that I had about 30 left at the end of my project!! So... what to do with 30 paper cones? Well, make another wreath, of course! This meant that I could place one on either side of the arch in our living room. As well as looking prettier, it meant that the rather tatty backing for each wreath was hidden too! Let me show you a close up:
To fill the centre, I literally scoured the house! I knew I wanted to fill it with neutral and soft gold things - you'll be surprised what you can find! A cork from a bottle of wine we'd had the night before, a little wooden ball from a bowl of everyday decor in our living room, some paper flowers from my stash, lightly misted with kraft and gold spray... you get the idea!
I really recommend making one of these - from start to finish, making one of the wreaths took a couple of hours... not long if you consider how long it takes to make a layout! Go take a look on Youtube, searching for 'antique book paper wreaths' - there's lots of vids to choose from - all with pretty similar instructions - hope you like! xxx

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