Monday, 21 January 2013

PAPER-CUTS Third Project... Heard of Mail Art??

Who's heard of mail art? Yes? No? Well, for those who haven't, in a nut shell, mail art is creating a thing of beauty and sending it through the post. 
For once, it's ok for beauty to be on the OUTSIDE - cos thats what it's all about; whether it be an envelope, a letter, or in this case, a hand created post card, the whole point is to let those who's hands it passes through on the way to it's destination see it.

So, this month, I thought we'd create some Valentine themed mail art:

This is the front, and here's the back:

Mail art can, of course be far more complicated and artsy than this... but hey... I'm sure this post card will gets some smiles alongs it's way!

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