Monday, 18 February 2013


Hello girls - hope you're all well! Apologies for the lack of organisation this month, but though what we'll be making won't be up on the blog till the latter end of the week, you CAN take a look at the kits we'll be using here.
As you can see, one of the papers COULD be seen as 'Valentinsey', but in honour of those of us who don't have those kind of photos to scrap (!) we won't necessarily be going down that road!
I'll also stick to using 4x6 photos, one on each layout, so that you can at least have a look through your photo stash and choose some appropriate ones that go with the kits.
So, to summerise, watch out for some posts Wednesday and Thursday (and, if I can get my act together perhaps before that,) and I look forward to seeing you all Friday/Saturday! xxx

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