Tuesday, 19 March 2013

PAPER-CUTS March 2013 Layout One

Hello all! Hope you're all well, and looking forward to class this month! Without further ado, here's our first project:

I have Shimelle Laine to thank for inspiration for this one; something a little different! The photos are 2 3/4" square, and you'll need three of them. As always, if you don't have square photos, then you can simply crop some to size. Just make sure you choose some that have the subject matter within a 2 3/4" square!
The printing has been printed, vertically onto a piece of card stock cut down to an A4 size. You can do this at home in advance if you like, or wait until you've finished the layout, or simply write you're journalling if you'd rather. There's also always the option of not doing it at all too!
As always, everything you'll need is here, other than the title stickers - recognise them? They're from last month's kit, so make sure you bring them along!
OK, that's it - and now on to layout two!

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Anonymous said...

different..cant wait to have a pop at this one hon..xxevi