Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Challenge!

One of my favourite girls to watch on You Tube is Tracy, otherwise known as Mercytiara. She's a Canadian scrapper with buckets of talent. This month she's hosting a giveaway, with a challenge attached to it. You can see the video here:
And here's what I've created in response to her challenge!
She asked us to create a crafty project, with the subject of scrap booking. There have been some fab responses which you can also see linked to her video.
I chose to create a layout on my new craft studio, which has finally been started! I guess a photo of a knocked out mantlepiece is a strange choice for a lay out on scrap booking, but it really does signify the beginning of a very exciting project!
So go on over and watch Tracy's video, maybe join in? The giveaway is fab!
Hope you like! xxx


Sandra said...

I love your layout. I too enjoy watching Tracy's YouTube videos and am going to play along with this challenge. Lucky you planning a lovely new craft studio.

Kim Woods said...

Thanks Sandra! She's great isn't she? Yes I'm very excited, but to be fair, I've waited an incredibly long time for it to actually happen - my Scrapaholix girls are tired of hearing the phrase "when we have our new room..." I think!

Tracy said...

You two are so totally sweet! I have so much fun scrapping and making process vids, I'm always tickled pink that ppl enjoy watching them! Firstly, how exciting that you have a new craft studio in the making! Secondly, I LOVE your layout! I've had a hexagon layout in the wings that I've fussed with, tore apart, fussed with some more, tore apart, etc. This one really inspires me to get back on the hex wagon and give it another try! Great layering and pls tell me what is the font you used for "It's started"??? I NEED that font!