Wednesday, 18 April 2012

April 2012 Scrapaholix

At last I've got it finished!! This month's kit gave me quite a hard time - I think I was trying too hard to take it in places that it just wouldn't go! Start flexing your fingers ladies... cos there's lots (and I mean LOTS!) of cutting this month - well I guess that's why there's a pair of detail scissors in each kit lol! Here's what I've created:
Now, before I say anything else, I know that some of you are gonna love this kit, and some of you are probably not going to be keen! Remember it's always a GOOD thing to take yourself places you wouldn't normally go!!
I'm pleased with the little banner at the top of the page - inspiration found on the Silhouette blog (thanks Silhouette!). I'll be showing you how to create that when we meet. You'll want to bring along some foam pads, perhaps some deep red cardstock, some twine/string, some tiny alpha's if you have them and some wet glue. The tag blank is a little extra I'll be providing, as is the month banner.
So that's it - hope you like! xxx
P.S. I'm SO glad my Mum doesn't own a computer - I'm not sure she'd appreciate this photo - TeeHee!!

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