Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Another Challenge!

I'm really getting into these challenges! This one's from another YouTube favourite, who goes under the name of Coloredsprinklegirl. You can find her challenge here: Her challenge was to create something about you... not the dog, or the cat, or your kids, or your significant other, but YOU!
Here's my effort:
Now, before you say anything, yes I know - my kids AND husband are mentioned... but the message that I wanted to get across is that they are part of me - a huge part! The other part of the challenge was to do stuff you wouldn't normally try - well I think I accomplished that! On this (busy) page I've punched the hearts across the page, then used waste from cutting the stars with my Silhouette to back the holes - never done that before; I've doodled around EVERYTHING - never done that before; I've cut into a brand new paper that I've only just received - never EVER done that before!!! Lastly, I've shown my very poor maths skills to the world by saying that 2+4=1, though I've probably done that inadvertently thousands of times before. Of course it doesn't, but if you read the words next to the numbers, it makes sense.
You have until the 5th to take part, and link somewhere that Patty can see it to her Youtube vid - good luck! Hope you like! xxx

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