Tuesday, 16 October 2012

PAPER-CUTS, Final Project!

The last thing we'll be making is this sweet tag:
Now, apologies for the not so great photo... the light was fading and I had to pick the kids up so was in a bit of a hurry!
To bring confetti into this project I've used a couple of star punches and some glitter - the specific technique will be revealed within your instruction sheets! Also, note those letters which spell 'gift'. They are the red ones from your sticker sheet simply coloured with a black Sharpie pen, which of course, makes them so versatile for projects to come. The other thing I think you'll love is the little tag I've added to your kits. It's made from Heidi Swapp Colour Magic paper - something I'll be willing to bet you'll want to buy once you've tried it!
You won't need to bring anything extra for this project, other than what's already been mentioned. That is, unless, you are very messy with loose glitter - in which case you'd better bring along your dustpan and brush!
Right then - off to experiment with those buttons I mentioned in my first post...
Hope you like! xxx

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