Monday, 15 October 2012

PAPER-CUTS October 2012

Hello everyone - hope this blog entry finds you all well and (for those of you that attend) raring to go for this month's class! As always, you can see the kit HERE.
Continuing on with our theme of exploring popular trends in the scrapbooking world, this month we're looking at confetti!
Without further ado - here's the first layout you'll receive instructions for; apologies for the poor lighting - have you seen the weather today? :-(
I think you've all probably noticed, that I'm loving using small photos at the moment - another popular trend actually (bonus!). For this layout, I think a standard 4"x6" print would just be too large as we want to maintain as much of that white space as possible. If you don't have the facility to create a 2"x3" photo such as mine, don't worry - just bring along a photo that we can cut down to a smaller size.
I intended to create those cute little buttons for you all, but since using these ones, I've discovered that they're very brittle! I'll attempt to alter the ingredients list in my melting pot and see if I can improve them, but to be safe, if you want to use buttons and have some at home that co-ordinate, then do please bring them along.
Other bits and pieces that'll help you are: A glue pen or liquid glue with a very fine tip; A pick me up tool if you have one; A pair of fine detail scissors.
OK - that's project number 1... project 2 coming soon!
Hope you like!. xxx


beksynormz said...

Aww love this layout xxx miss u xxx

Clare said...

It's gorgeous, I miss you too! Xxxx

Anonymous said...

wow babe..u have bin busy....i love all of it..cant wait to get started..xxevi

Kim Woods said...

Girls - we MUST meet for coffee - soon!! xxx