Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Scrapaholix this Friday/Saturday.

Mmmmmm. Interesting kit this month. The highlight of the kit has to be the bling swirl - absolutely beautiful. I wanted to try out a new technique for creating a frame which I saw in Craft Stamper this month... so I gave it a go, using the papers from this month's kit and I'm really pleased with it... BUT, I felt that the 'busyness' of the page would overwhelm the bling. Take a look:

I'm really looking forward to teaching the girls how to make this frame - it's so versatile, as it'll go with so many photos, depending on the colours you choose. To prove the point, I made another frame, only this time with less colours, as I wanted to use the bling and for it to have room to shine! See what you think:

I felt that the bling was too stark in clear diamente, so used a brown Promarker to tone it down - I think it worked! And I'll let you into another secret... I managed somehow to get a few little splodges of ink on the base cardstock here and there whilst stamping the frame - so that's why the sequins have been scattered around - there's always a solution!
Hope you like. xxx

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Tracey said...

I saw that technique this month and thought how cool it looks, love your variations, I have not yet had a whirl myself, thanks for sharing xxx