Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Well would you believe it...

So, a while ago, I set up an Etsy and Folksy shop - you know - to sell some of those things you've created that you JUST can't find room for in your ever burgeoning home of crafty goodness - and you can't possibly give away to your loved ones, because then they'd have two!
Not being a whizz in advertising, my creations have sat quietly for many months... but that's ok, they were doing no-one any harm.
Then, I get a sale!!! Woot woot! It obviously deserves a celebratory bottle of wine (that costs more than the sale) but hey, who's counting the pennies - some one likes my creation enough to buy it!
I spend a while packaging it up, before popping it in the post to it's new home. I log back into Folksy, to let the buyer know it's on the way... and there... is another message from a different buyer, telling me that they noticed I'd sold something that they would REALLY like to purchase - could I make another??!!
HAH! Just like buses! Nothing in yonks, and then two at once! I obviously told the second buyer that I'd be happy to make another for her. What I didn't tell her, was that this time there'll be no celebratory wine - It would be too easy to drink away my profits!
The little item I'm talking about is HERE, if you'd like to see it. Hope you like! xxx

1 comment:

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

The secret is to buy cheaper wine lol :0)

Gorgeous item, not suprised they're selling well.


*chink glasses* heres to many more! (sales that is, not glasses of wine lol)