Sunday, 29 May 2011

A 7 Gypsies haul, and something I've been waiting for FOREVER!

Good morning Bloggerland, just wanted to share a fantastic deal that I got my hands on this week. I love to alter things - papercraft away from the page, so when I saw the prices of some of the 7 Gypsies hardware at It's Crafting Time I just couldn't resist! Here's what I got
Two sets of naked folders, medium and large, two journal clips to create my own clipboards (no more messing around trying to get paper under a clip set in stone!) Two pots of tiny paper fasteners, some photo folders, and the cutest vintage apothecary stickers ever! I'm not comfortable unless I know that I have some bits and pieces to alter if I get the urge... think I'm set now!
But the MOST exciting thing that I have to share is my new gadget - the Distrezz-It-All by Zutter. I've been waiting for this little machine to be made for the European market since it came out in the US well over a year ago... and here it is!
So, this little thing of wonder is going to save me sooo much time. I adore the look of distressed edges in my mini books, in-fact on virtually anything with a straight edge, and have been known to get cramp in my hand working away with my little Tim Holtz distressing tool! Now, I can shabby up an entire book of pages in less than 5 minutes... as you can see on this Tesco's notebook... and the best thing? Take a few pages, for a mini album for instance, distrezz them, and suddenly your insignificant little pile of pages take on a glorious depth that belie their number entirely! At £35, it's not the cheapest thing, but I have to say, this is one little tool that will not be leaving my desk. And the little notebook? As I said - Tesco's cheapo. I've used some of the beautiful stamps from Crafty Individuals to decorate the front - a vintage ad (CI-148), and a new set, consisting of the sweetest dressform, some bodices, and another little ad (CI-306). Follow the link to the left of this post if you want to take a look at what they have! xxx

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