Monday, 23 May 2011

Ooops... forgot the mission to be completed - doh!

Think I got carried away with the letter tray lol! The other thing that is filling my mind at the moment is a little gift that I'm trying to get hold of for my 13 year old daughter. It's exam time in a couple of weeks, and because she works sooo hard, I like to reward her, after all who doesn't need a little treat every now and again?! SMASH BOOKS!
They're a new concept by K & Co, very out of their comfort zone I think, but an absolutely brilliant idea! Take a look at the video below!

How cute is that as an idea? Connie adores notebooks, sticky notes and pens... I couldn't have found a more perfect gift right? Mmmmm, getting hold of these is proving very tough! Despite them supposedly being available from April, I now have TWO pre-orders in place, one here and one in the US of A, as well as a very kind lady in America who is hopefully going to scour her local shops for me! So, I reckon I have 3 weeks before I need this... what do you reckon are the chances?? xxx

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Clare said...

hmmm, not good me thinks! I'm stalking Creative craft world at the mo! Hope you are all well, sorry I didn't make friday everyone wanted a piece of me! XXXX