Thursday, 12 May 2011

Right - This time it's for real!

Ok - this is it - time to SERIOUSLY start attending to this blog! I've been a busy bee since I've been AWOL though - won scrapbooker of the Year in Craft Stamper Magazine, which has led on to some publications in their mag!
We're also awaiting planning permission for an extension to our home, which will give me a professional crafting space, and hopefully allow me to hold more lessons - that's if I can find willing participants!
Everything else in life is pretty fine and dandy - which, of course, I'm grateful for. Wanna see my winning entry to craft Stamper?

It's a photo of my daughter Connie when she was 11, in a recycling fashion show - so sweet! The layout is on canvas, and took a long while to complete, but hey, the outcome was certainly worth the input!
Here's my promise to me. I will use this blog. Let's see!

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televe00 said...

well done babes..cant wait 2c more of your fab work..xxevi