Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A little something for a new home...

This evening we're going to visit some young friends that have just purchased their first home. Whilst sitting at my desk this morning, struggling to complete an article for Craft Stamper, it hit me... CRUD!!!! how can a crafter visit someone for the first time in their new home, and not take a little piece of hand crafted loveliness as a gift?! So - project to one side - which makes me a tad nervous, as my deadline is the end of the month - but it's ok, I'm telling myself - no need to panic... yet!
But what am I going to make?? I've rifled through my stores, and I have several options: I could acid etch a kilner jar with the word soap, and add belly banded soaps to it... I could decorate a little canvas, and rest it on a painted mini-easel... I have a cute little wooden box, with hooks for keys, and a teeny weeny drawer at the bottom - that could get my treatment... And then there's the option of decorating 5 insy winsy wooden birdhouses and giving them as a decor item to stand all in a row... and lets not forget the option of a canvas banner saying something lovely like 'peace' or 'tranquility' - mmmmmm ... a very long word - maybe not!
So... what to do??? I may have to sit here and have another coffee and worry for a little longer that there aren't enough hours in the day before I do anything... xxx

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