Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Little Cameo..... or Two...

I've recently discovered that Fimo is actually NOT a child's plaything... but something to be revered in the papercrafting world:

Aren't they pretty? I've recently been making cute little Fimo flowers (you know - the kind that certain manufacturer's of scrapbooking supplies will have you believe you should pay a FORTUNE for), for only pennies each. I found these molds on Ebay (just type into the search engine 'silicone cameo molds') at a very reasonable price - not much more, in fact then a pack of cameos from once of those afore mentioned companies would cost! I will, obviously, paint the bases of some of them to give them a more 'authentic' look; but I couldn't wait to share! Hope you like! xxx

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Michelle said...

Oh Kim, they are lovely! I wonder what UTEE would look like poured into them?

I think I will go over to ebay and have a look:)

Now going to go back to Twitter and follow your there.

I have a VERY little Online shop and sell lots of K & Company. I know they are a bit expensive, but I just love the quality:)

I am now getting hooked on Graphic45! Oh Dear!! This crafting is just too addictive!:) I am @CMTales on Twitter. Might see you over there.

I also have a Blog. Not that I am very good at keeping it up to date:( Naughty girl!
michelle x