Friday, 2 September 2011

Look What I've Got!!

So, I figure that I don't know ANY paper crafters that don't love ledger paper... whilst browsing around on the web, looking at lovely stash, I stumbled upon this:
it's the new Ledger Paper Pad from Prima. This is Pad 1, and is full of beautiful pastel pages. There is also a second pad which is much more primary in it's colours. Of course, I NEED them both, (and at £14.99 they are good value for 48 pages!) but this is the only one I can find in the UK at the moment. I found it at emerald - great shipping charges too. Go grab one!


Fluffy said...

Found the other one here
Happy shopping lol

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

ooooooooo on my list of neeeeeeeeds, thank you for the heads up. Iff to check out the other one too.

Kim Woods said...

Tracee - I love you! Thanks babe - both pads now in my possession! xxx